About Us

- Data transmission
- Security systems
- Switched Network
- Low Current

- Installation and calibration of analog instruments
- Installation and calibration of digital instruments

- Low Voltage Installations
- High Voltage Installations

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Our operation in ELMA ltd goes beyond INDUSTRIAL DOMAIN which includes Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Crew management, construction and maintenance.
ELMA limited is a private Cameroon company under the OHADA law created to take our clients to their expectations. Created in November 2013 with registration no. RC.BUA.2013.B.076, with her purpose to provided skilled workers to GAS & OIL INDUSTRIES, RESEARCH WORKS, TRANSPORTATION, TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRIES, LOGISTICS AND MAINTENANCE SECTORS. We are also into GENERAL SUPPLIES, FACILITY MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTIONS.

The development of ELMA ltd Cameroon is due solely to the quality of our services which is the common objective of taking you to your expectations. We want excellent service in human resources management, business management, our work quality, but also in accordance with the time table of production. Taking you to your expectations in strict compliance with safety and environmental rules in place.

Getting to your expectation means reaching us with our client service on info@elmaservices.net and all your query will be taking care of.


OUR AIM: the renewed confidence of our customers, confirms the professionalism of our young company through its evolution. One rule mobilized our men, strict compliance requirement of quality and safety installations that we realized, responsiveness and quality of our technicians highly qualified are our major assets to meet the expectations of our customers.

OUR COMMITMENTS: we take to our professionalism refresher trainings to our technicians and trainings form our external consultants.

Our values: taking you to expectation is our collective culture, conductive to the development of each in the quality of life and respect for our environment.

HYGIENE, SAFETY, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY: since its creation ELMA ltd always has Health, safety, security and environment at the top of its concern by applying a dynamic and aggressive policy. Our policies are based on three axes, according to ISO 9001, according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Our operation in ELMA ltd goes beyond INDUSTRIAL DOMAIN which includes Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Crew management, construction and maintenance. They are:
- Industrial Electricity:-Low Voltage and High Voltage Installations.
- Instrumentation - Automation: - Installation and calibration of analog and digital instruments.
- Telecommunications: - Data transmission, Security systems, switched Network and Low Current.

ELMA ltd also meet your expectation in Installation - Renovation / Maintenance that includes Administrative and private buildings, Airport - Banks - Public lighting and Facility maintenance.

We get to your expectation in the offshore and onshore oil & gas domain with our expertise and professionalism in manpower supply of marine crewing, drilling crewing and service hand management. Our skilled workers are equipped with the most recent job knowledge in their various disciplines and with the STCW 95 SAFETY AWARENESS.