- Data transmission
- Security systems
- Switched Network
- Low Current

- Installation and calibration of analog instruments
- Installation and calibration of digital instruments

- Low Voltage Installations
- High Voltage Installations

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Our operation in ELMA ltd goes beyond INDUSTRIAL DOMAIN which includes Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Crew management, construction and maintenance.

We Provide Marines On Different Type Of Moving Vessels, Oil Tankers And Barges Which Are But Not Limited To:

- Assistant Cook.
- Class 1 Deck Officers (Limited and Unlimited)
- Class 1 Engine Officers (Limited and Unlimited)
- Class 2 Deck Officers (Limited and Unlimited)
- Class 2 Engine Officers (Limited and Unlimited)
- Class 3 Deck Officers (Limited and Unlimited)

Our drilling team comprises competent technicians with valid certification and up to date refresher this include but not limited to:-
- Assistant Driller
- Barge Engineer
- Crane Operator
- Derrick Man
- Driller
- Floor Man
- Medic
- Motorman
- Pump Man

Our target to meet your expectation drives also to preventive maintenance and repairs. We go as far as surface treatment by providing Manual cleaning production waste, blasting & painting and construction.

Our objective to take you to your expectation also involved preventive maintenance to hazardous areas, confined spaces and disposition of waste. This includes but not limited to cleaning of: -
- Cement tanks
- Fresh water tanks
- Fuel tanks
- Mud pits
- Rig floor
- Shakers
- Sludge pits
- Trip tanks
- Void tanks
- Waste oil tanks

We provide for our clients needs qualified blasters & painters for their construction and maintenance jobs. Our blasters and paint technicians have good knowledge and experience in the field and goes beyond high pressure washing for surface treatment.

During oil and gas construction, maintenance or repairs ELMA ltd satisfies her clients with the provision of manpower supply of experienced WELDERS, ELECTRICIANS, FIRE WATCH AND CLEANERS / GENERAL LABORERS.

Our welders are well experienced on 4G, 6G, TIG and ARGON WELDING.

Our team of experience Electricians working in one spirit of efficiency and compliance with standard required by our clients. From Electrical construction, pre-commissioning to commissioning of  the:-
- Installation of production and distribution of electricity (genset, switchboards)
- Installation of cable trays
- Installation and connection of all power cables
- Installation of lighting masts tall, studio lights, machinery…..
- Construction and installation tables TGHT / MSB / TD …
- Installation of capacitor battery, anti-harmonic battery
- Testing and support implementation

- Radio Operator
- Rig Electrician
- Rig Mechanic
- Rig Painter
- Rig Welder
- Roustabout
- Safety Officer
- Shaker Man
- Tool Pusher
- Translators
- Class 3 Engine Officers (Limited and Unlimited)
- Cooks
- Deck Ratings
- Engine Ratings
- Marine Engine Mechanics
- Tug Mates